Verbatim USB-C tengikví með HDMI tengi, 3xUSB3.0, USB-C, kortalesara og Gigabit netkorti

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Verbatim USB-C tengikví/dokka með HDMI tengi, 3xUSB3.0, USB-C, kortalesara og Gigabit netkorti
The USB-C Multiport Hub provides the ideal partner to latest slimline laptops and MacBooks. Additional accessories require additional ports which the latest laptops lack. This Multiport Hub provides a USB-C power charging port to charge your device whilst in use, an HDMI port to connect to an HDMI display as well as three USB 3.0 ports to plug in all the extra accessories that are needed and a gigabit ethernet port to connect to wired networks. Do you need a card reader too? Well this Hub comes with an SD/microSD card reader slot too!

Ultra HD resolution
The HDMI port on the Multiport Hub allows you to expand your display onto a TV or monitor. It supports Ultra HD 4K razor-sharp resolutions, providing feature-rich content for the ultimate immersive experience. Even at higher frame rates, the hub still provides smooth and continuous viewing without any loss or lag.

Nánari upplýsingar á heimasíðu Verbatim

• USB-C multiport hub - expand your notebook or smartphone into a workstation
• Provides USB-C power charging, easily charge your USB-C device whilst still using other ports
• Three USB 3.0 ports providing options for extra accessories
• HDMI interface supports up to 4K output video from your computer to a 4K monitor
• Gigabit ethernet port for wired network connection
• Memory card reader slot for SD/microSD cards
• Sleek, compact design makes this device very portable and perfect for use on-the-go
• Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11
• Mac OS 9.X and higher
• Linux 2.4.X