Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB svört örgjörvakæling með 2x 12cm hljóðlátum A-RGB viftum, fyrir AM4/AM5 og LGA1700/LGA1851

  • 9.990 kr

Afhendingartími 5-7 virkir dagar

Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB svört örgjörvakæling með 2x 12cm hljóðlátum viftum

6 ára ábyrgð hjá Tölvutækni til bæði einstaklinga og fyrirtækja

To ensure the longevity of our products, we carry out long-term tests under different, sometimes very adverse conditions. In this way, we learn how we can permanently improve our products for our customers. In addition, the excellent results of long-term testing give us the assurance that our products are not only outstanding in terms of quality, but also in terms of durability. This is a certainty that we are happy to pass on to our customers, which is why we give a 6-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Nánari upplýsingar hér á heimasíðu Arctic Cooling

• AMD: AM4/AM5
• Intel: LGA1700/LGA1851

• Hraði: 200 - 2000 RPM stýrt með PWM
• Ummál: 104mm(dýpt) x 126mm(breidd) x 159mm(hæð með viftu)
• Tengi: 4-pinna PWM og 3 pinna D-LED fyrir litastýringu
• Þyngd: 917gr

Future-Proof Compatibility
The Freezer 36 A-RGB is multi-compatible with Intel and AMD sockets. Intel will release the new Arrow Lake processors on the LGA1851 socket in the future. ARCTIC customers don't need to worry that the new CPUs will also require new coolers. We guarantee full compatibility. All Freezer 36 can be used with the new LGA1851 socket from Intel without limitation.

High-quality bearing
Thanks to a combination of alloy and lubricant developed in Germany, friction within the bearing is minimised and greater efficiency is achieved. In addition to preventing lubricant loss, wear on the pin and sleeve is also minimised. In this way, less heat is generated, less bearing noise is produced and the service life of the fan is significantly extended.

Optimised heatsink
The fins of the heatsink are open at the side and allow the pull fan to draw additional cool air out of the pc case through the heatsink. This side-flow design achieves even more efficient ventilation.