Verbatim USB-C breytistykki yfir í VGA

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Verbatim USB-C breytistykki yfir í VGA

The Verbatim USB-C to VGA adapter lets you connect your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) enabled PC laptops and MacBooks to a VGA display. It is the ideal companion for the latest slimline PC laptops and MacBooks that come with limited ports.

Full HD experience
The USB-C to VGA adapter delivers the full HD experience on a VGA display or projector. You won’t compromise picture quality when using this adapter which supports resolutions of up to 1080p.

Nánari upplýsingar á heimasíðu Verbatim

■ The USB-C to VGA adapter allows a seamless connection from any compatible USB-C device to your projector, TV or monitor
■ Sleek, compact design makes this device very portable and perfect for use on-the-go
■ Stylish, brushed metal finish
■ Supports Windows 7, 8 & 10, Mac OS 9.X and higher, Linux 2.4.X