Kingston 32GB kit (2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL16, FURY Renegade, Intel & AMD Optimized, lífstíðarábyrgð

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Kingston FURY Renegade 32GB kit (2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL16
Give your AMD- or Intel-based system the performance needed to stay at the top of the food chain with ultra-fast Kingston FURY™ Renegade DDR4 memory. Boost your frame rate, keep your streams broadcasting smoothly and plough through your highlight reel editing. The aggressive, stylish black heat spreader and matching black PCB will allow you to beat the heat.

Optimised for Intel® with XMP
Intel Extreme Memory Profile technology makes overclocking a breeze. Simply select one of the built-in, hand-tuned profiles in your BIOS to get the benefits of overclocking without having to manually adjust the memory timings yourself.

Ready for AMD Ryzen™
Get memory that’s Ready for Ryzen and will seamlessly integrate with your AMD-based system. A reliable, compatible performance boost for your build.

 High speeds matched with low latencies to deliver extreme performance
 Intel® XMP profiles optimised for Intel’s latest chipsets
 Ready for AMD Ryzen™
 Fierce black aluminium heat spreader
 Lifetime warranty