XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME músamotta - 900mm x 420mm

  • 7.990 kr

Sérpöntun (4 - 6 virkir dagar)

Size XL: 900mm x 420mm, 4mm á þykkt

With splash-proof, scratch-resistant CORDURA fabric, the Battleground XL's surface gives you the stability and accuracy you'll need to come out on top.

Made with smooth, scratch-resistant, and splash-proof CORDURA fabric, and sporting an extra-spacious footprint, the XPG Battleground XL mouse pad is your foundation for great gaming.

Anti-Slip Rubber Base
The anti-slip rubber base keeps the entire mouse pad firmly in place and prevents it from bunching up to ensure smooth movements every time.

Two-Zone RGB Lighting
The two-zone RGB lighting offers a range of colors to choose from to set the ideal gaming mood for every gaming session.

Detachable Braided Cable
The reinforced high-density braided cable is extremely durable and won't get tangled up. It sports a detachable design for easy storing and maintenance.