Thermaltake SMART RGB 700 watta hljóðlátur aflgjafi

Thermaltake SMART RGB 700 watta hljóðlátur aflgjafi

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Thermaltake SMART RGB 700 watta hljóðlátur aflgjafi
Hraðastýrð hljóðlát kælivifta, aflgjafin er með RGB lýsingu sem einfalt er að slökkva á með einum takka aftaná.

Ultra Quiet 120mm Fan
SMART RGB series adopt 120mm cooling fan with intelligent RPM control guarantees excellent cool performance and silent operation.

Multiple Connectors
Smart RGB offers cable selection for users while powering the system at an advantageous voltage. Further, the multiple connectors make cable installation an easy task.

Top Quality made Capacitor
High quality main capacitor produces supreme performance with low impedance characteristics. The stable operation works for longer time with excellent reliability to enhance the power supply performance.

10 LED Light Bulbs
The Smart RGB Series adopts 10 LED light bulbs to enhance the brightness and spawn an advanced user experience in the world of illumination.
80 PLUS Certified and Kaby Lake Ready
Deliver up to 87% efficiency under real world load conditions to promise low power losses. Additionally, Smart RGB Series has been optimized to work with Intel’s latest, seventh-generation Kabylake processors to achieve maximum energy saving.

- 12cm RGB Fan: 1800RPM ± 10%
- Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)