PNY hraðhleðslutæki með tveimur USB tengjum

PNY hraðhleðslutæki með tveimur USB tengjum

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PNY hraðhleðslutæki með tveimur USB tengjum, 1Amp og 2.4Amp

Thanks to its two outputs of 1A and 2.4A with a max output of 3.4A/17W, you will be able to charge at full speed an iPhone 6s and an iPad Air 2 for example. Thanks to the FastID technology your charger will detect your device and adapt its output power to provide maximum charging speed. Its elegant and compact design allows an easy transportation on weekends and holidays. One charger for your needs at home and on a trip!

• Number of outputs: 2 (USB ports)
• Input to Multi-USB Charger: AC 90 – 240V
• LED power indicator
• Fast and clean charging capacity
• Multiple safety protection system to ensure devices safety
• Universal USB output for wide range of devices