PNY 16GB Professional Class 10 Secure Digital (SDHC) minniskort

PNY 16GB Professional Class 10 Secure Digital (SDHC) minniskort

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PNY 16GB Professional Class 10 Secure Digital (SDHC) minniskort
PNY’s new line of High Speed SDHC flash memory cards are the perfect solution for video and any photographer, from aspiring DSLR users to Hi–End DSLR professionals. With transfer speeds up to 20MB/s you’ll be ready to capture any of life’s moments. Whether you’re celebrating a night out with friends, going on vacation, or trying to freeze a fast moving object our new series of Professional SDHC Class 10 flash memory cards will be ready for you

• Stærð: 16GB
• Framleiðslunúmer: P-SDHC16G10-EF
• Hraði: Allt að 20MB/sek leshraði og 20MB/sek skrifhraði

April 20th, 2010 marks an important date for PNY as we are celebrating 25 years of business excellence

A global leader in high-speed flash memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives, computer memory upgrade modules, as well as consumer and professional graphics cards, PNY serves customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. As one of the industry's leading companies, PNY currently holds the #2 market share position across all product categories.

The PNY brand has consistently been synonymous with quality and affordability, and as a company we are very fortunate to have reached this milestone. Over the past 25 years, PNY has played a key role in digitalization and has become an industry leader in memory and computer peripherals; offering a comprehensive product selection and a wide-variety of solutions for consumers.