MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110R turnkassi, Tempered Glass Svartur, 4stk A-RGB kæliviftur

  • 27.900 kr

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MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110R turnkassi, Tempered Glass Svartur
4stk A-RGB kæliviftur fylgja, ljósa stýring að framan fyrir vifturnar

Excel with the MPG GUNGNIR 110 Series, the epitome of high standards in a mid-tower chassis. Designed with versatility, constructed from high-quality materials, and born for performance. Choose eminence and embrace excellence. Designed with a memorable high-performance look to impress on first sight. A sleek front glass panel offers a dazzling view of the interior lighting that highlights the quality of the parts in the rest of the system.

Quickly control the fan color and lighting effects with Insta-Light Loop at the touch of a button. Click through the profiles at ease and choose a favorite.

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Kæliviftur fylgja að framan: 3stk 12cm A-RGB 
Kæliviftur fylgja að aftan: 1stk 12cm A-RGB
Tengi að framan: USB 3.2 Gen1 Type C, 2xUSB 3.2 Gen1 Type A, hljóð inn og út
Ummál: 45cm (H) x 21.5cm (W) x 43cm (D)