Dell hleðslubanki fyrir fartölvur með USB-C, einnig auka USB tengi til að hlaða síma

  • 19.900 kr

Sérpöntun (4 - 6 virkir dagar)

Dell hleðslubanki USB-C, virkar með öllum fartölvum sem hafa USB-C inntak
When you need power on the go, the Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus - USB-C, 65Wh, can charge the widest range of laptopsi and devices with a high 65W power delivery. Whether you need to charge devices with voltage profiles of 5V, 9V, 15V or 20V, the Power Bank Plus has you covered.


Nánari upplýsingar hjá Dell

Improve productivity with a large battery capacity
The large, 65Wh, 6-cell power capacity keeps your laptop and mobile devices up and running longer and charges laptops requiring up to 65W of power delivery - for uninterrupted productivity while you’re out and about. Get an additional run time of up to 16 hours on your Dell XPS 9370.

Dual device charging with data read and write capability in a slim design
Plug your smartphone into the secondary USB-A port to charge it alongside your USB-C laptop. This extra USB-A port offers viewing and editing of content from your smartphone or flash drive, without taking up another USB-A port on your laptop. Plus, the cables coil easily around the slim profile and rounded edges of the power bank to fit neatly in your bag for tidy storage.