Cooler Master 500 watta aflgjafi, 120mm hljóðlát HDB kælivifta, 80+ Bronze, 5 ára ábyrgð

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Cooler Master MWE V2 500 watta aflgjafi 80 PLUS Bronze, 120mm HDB hraðastýrð vifta
Vel hannaður aflgjafi með mjög hljóðlátri HDB viftu sem stýrir hraðanum eftir hversu mikil notkun er. Undir 20% notkun er viftan aðeins 11.18 dBA og undir 50% 17.21 dBA og í 100% 29.5 dBA. Langir flatir kaplar henta í alla turna og einfalda frágang. Aflgjafinn er með single +12V rail skilar stöðugra rafmagni. 


Nánari upplýsingar hér á heimasíðu Cooler Master

The constant struggle between cooling and noise is as old as the consumer PC industry itself. Keeping your components cool without having to hear about it while you work is still one of the greatest challenges for all fan based cooling technologies. The MWE Bronze tackles this problem with a 120mm HDB fan. The hydro dynamic fan bearing creates less friction, making it great for low RPM operations. This technology keeps the fan running smoothly and efficiently for longer, keeping the noise level down and extending the lifespan of the PSU

For many PC Builders with aesthetics in mind, cabling can be on of the most troublesome parts of assembling a PC. Cables can be confusing, too short or too long, and they almost never look good. The MWE White uses flat and flexible black cables to help deal with these problems. These cables are more discrete and flexible, making them easier to implement into your system while taking up less space. This is especially useful for smaller cases and preserving airflow.

Getting power from the wall to the PSU and then to your components is a tricky situation. The power comes in one voltage level, but your components need a different one. That power has to first be transferred to/through a converter in order to make it safe for your parts to use without overloading. The lines/rails used to initially move power from the wall to the converter need to be reliable and consistent to ensure your system’s overall performance. That’s why the MWE White only uses one +12V rail for this process. This way all the components in your system are constantly fed the same power from the same source in order to guarantee consistency between all connections.

Power comes in multiple voltage levels. The wall delivers power in one voltage level but your components each need a specific voltage to operate properly. The process of converting raw power from the wall to the multiple voltage levels your components need requires special components to complete this process quickly, efficiently, and safely. The MWE White’s DC-to-DC + LLC technology was painstakingly crafted to accomplish this goal. The Dual Forward circuit layout has been designed to convert 12V power to 3V and 5V levels with minimal ripple noise, 80 PLUS efficiency, and reduced risk to your connected components.