MSI lyklaborð með stillanlegri RGB lýsingu, Mechanical-like takkar með betri endingu

  • 5.990 kr

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MSI VIGOR GK30 lyklaborð með RGB lýsingu og Mechanical-like tökkum
Mechanical-like plunger switches with 3-part construction provides a crisp typing experience with over 12 million life span. Customize your GK30 with millions of colors and up to 10 lighting effects in 6 lighting areas via Dragon Center. Convenient lighting hotkeys allow you to change speed, direction or mode without installing software.

Nánari upplýsingar hér á heimasíðu MSI

• Mechanical-like plunger switches for a crisp typing experience
• Stunning RGB lighting effects in 6 areas
• Increased stability with Gaming Base
• Water repellent keyboard design
• Fine-tune detailed settings with Dragon Center