Asus Strix Soar 7.1 PCI-Expresss hljóðkort

  • 17.900 kr

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Asus Strix Soar 7.1 PCI-Expresss hljóðkort
Strix Soar is a gaming sound card built with high-performance components to satisfy gamers who demand pure, full-sounding audio. Strix Soar features rich, immersive, and clear sound with an incredible 116dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and a 600ohm headphone amplifier for deep, tight bass. The simple yet powerful Sonic Studio sound utility provides complete sound card control and allows easy in-game audio adjustments.

• 116dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and audiophile-grade DAC: Enjoy high-fidelity, immersive sound
• 600ohm headphone amplifier: For enhanced bass and clear, detailed sound
• Sonic Studio utility: Take full control over loads of sound technologies via an intuitive, one-page interface
• Dolby® Home Theater V4 and DTS™ UltraPC II deliver realistic surround and enhanced sound

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